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    Rhenus Maritime Services GmbH

    Ihr europaweit tätiger Befrachter und Reeder im Bereich Short-Sea-Verkehre mit Schwerpunkt See-Fluss-Schifffahrt

Our Quality and Environmental Management Policy

We are committed to tradition

For decades RMS has been active as a shipping company committed to coastal and sea-river shipping throughout Europe. Located in Duisburg, we have always maintained a high market share as well as a high status in our line of business. Our high standards of service quality have therefore always been recognised by our clients.

Customer satisfaction is our main objective

Our clients constitute the company's turnover and success in the market. Thus, satisfying our clients in every respect is our main obligation for the present and the future. Our business performance serves as the basis of establishing and fostering long-term relations with our clients.

Members of staff are our most valuable resources

Each member of staff contributes to our aim of customer satisfaction. We are a service provider and our staff represent our most important resources. Consequently, we aim at operating in the market with a highly motivated team.

Training for better qualification

The management supports staff performance by providing the necessary measures for further vocational training. Quality means to serve our clients in their best interest. Our clients are and remain our clients because they benefit from our business performance. We always endeavour to be of service to our clients and meet their expectations. Carrying out transportation by ship in a smooth and reliable way is just one aspect of the services we provide. Additionally, we not only focus on our clients´ wishes, but carry out all additional services according to client expectation. This is why all our business processes are truly customer-oriented.

Learning from mistakes

Despite the best preventative measures, errors may happen. In case of an error we immediately take action to correct it and minimise the damage. For us, each error is an opportunity to learn and improve. We ascertain its cause in order to re-evaluate and adjust our preventative measures. Therefore, no error will reoccur.

Continuous improvement

It is our aim to improve our performance continually to increase the benefit of our clients. At RMS, each member of staff has the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the company's process of business. We thereby create a basis on which future business operations will be carried out successfully.

Saving the environment – thinking of future generations

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and future generations. With respect to business services and activities no decision is made without taking environmental compatibility into consideration. Finding solutions always means reducing environmental pollution to the absolute minimum. For RMS it is therefore of great importance to protect the environment by maximising our water-transportation routes.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
(DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 )

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