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Our Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

The Company places the highest importance on Safety and Environmental Protection (SEP). The safety of personnel on board of the ship and its cargoes shall take precedence over all considerations of commercial expediency. The Company considers it has a duty to exercise due care and to take adequate measures so as prevent the occurrence of pollution from ships and to reduce the effects of any pollution in order to protect the environment. The Company emphasizes the importance comply with all mandatory rules, codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the organization, administration, classification societies and maritime industry organizations.

Safety of Personnel

The safety of the crew and other persons on board shall always be of paramount importance and this must always be to the forefront of the Master's mind in times of emergency and when preparing the vessel for operational and cargo duties. Objective is to provide safe working conditions on board and ashore at all times. Furthermore, the Company acknowledges the need for crewmembers to be properly trained in safety procedures and also to be continuously made aware of changes in legislation, of new techniques and technologies in respect of safety. To provide for these matters the Company will always endeavor to ensure that all seagoing employees attend training and technology courses at recognized centers for instruction and by issuing of documents.

Safety of the Ship

The safety of the ship is always to be considered secondary to the safety of the personnel. The safe operation of the vessels under the management of the Company is guaranteed through the strict obedience of the Company's general, emergency & maintenance instructions & schedules and supporting documentation. Further the Company supports the Master in all matters concerning safe ship operation and protection of the environment and ensures the employment of sufficiently and qualified crew members and officers whose knowledge fully meets with the requirements of the ISM system.

Safety of Cargo

The Master has to always prosecute any and all actions to protect the safety of the cargo from any loss, damage and/or effects of mishandling, poor stowage or other causes. However, in times of emergency the protection of the cargo shall not interfere with or prejudice the safety of personnel and ship.

Priority of Environmental Protection

Priority of Environmental Protection The Company affords a high degree of priority to environmental protection and requires that all necessary procedures are implemented to secure the safety of the environment and that such procedures shall take precedence over all considerations of commercial expediency. The Company believes in the simple motto "A safe ship is a clean ship". By the observance of good and safe operation procedures pollution can be avoided.

Company Responsibility

The Company acknowledges that it has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the ship is equipped to the recognized and required standards in respect of safety as per legislation and will ensure that no reasonable request in respect of safety matters identified. The Company establish safeguards against all identified risks. Cornerstones to realize this objective are for instance the training of personnel and improvement of their abilities, the adequate maintenance of safety facilities and verification of SMS on board and ashore. Regarding environmental protection the Company will undertake all practicable measures for preven-tion of all kinds of pollution from the vessel and for ensuring the observance of all International, Flag State and Local Regulations.

Shipboard Organization

The Company requires that the ship shall be instituted and maintained a Safety Committee, The members of this Committee and their terms of reference and duties are described in this Manual.

The Master

The Master must at all times be aware of and approve the actions from the on board Safety Committee whether as to the application of this policy, any paragraph of this Manual or any other actions considered, implied or construed as being related to SEP and shall have authority to review such procedures and require their modification, retraction or implementation as appropriate so as to ensure that the safety of the crew, the ship, its cargo and the marine environment is not impaired or detracted from. The Master shall review all on board SEP- procedures, condition of the ship in respect of safety for operation, carriage of cargo and safety of personnel and make any decisions as are warranted to change, rectify or otherwise amend as deemed appropriate always ensuring that these actions are carefully documented on board including the reasons for so changing.

Rights of the Individual

The Company recognizes the right of the individual to report and request action by the Master, through his officers, of any infringement of this policy and/or an addendum thereto by any other crew-member without any undue penalty or dissension towards the reporting crewmember, the Master shall consider the report and act accordingly and advise both the reporting and the reported crewmember of his decision thereto in the presence of a responsible officer.


This policy and any addendum thereto shall form part of the terms of employment of all seafarers employed by the Company in any capacity whatsoever and any infringement of or dissension to the contents therein shall render the employee liable to dismissal without redress. This policy and any addendum thereto shall remain in force until revoked and or amended by written advice by the management or the appointed representative thereof.

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